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Chemical Engineering Journal 2010 Vol.158
Elsevier. — ISSN 1385-8947.

The Chemical Engineering Journal focuses upon three aspects of chemical engineering: chemical reaction engineering, environmental chemical engineering, and materials synthesis and processing.


Apostolos Kantzas, David M. Scott. Editorial
Paul Wright, Nataša Terzija, John L. Davidson, Sergio Garcia-Castillo, Charles Garcia-Stewart, Stephen Pegrum, Steve Colbourne, Paul Turner, Sam D. Crossley, Tim Litt, Stuart Murray, Krikor B. Ozanyan, Hugh McCann. High-speed chemical species tomography in a multi-cylinder automotive engine
Weiming Peng, Dorthe Christensen, Siri Jacobsson, Eli Kvinnesland, Alex C. Hoffmann. Studies of the flow in and around gas dedusters and demisters using neutrally buoyant tracer
H.K. Kvandal, S.A. Kjølberg, R.B. Schüller. Water detection in gas/condensate flows by SeCaP technology
G. Ersland, J. Husebø, A. Graue, B.A. Baldwin, J. Howard, J. Stevens. Measuring gas hydrate formation and exchange with CO2 in Bentheim sandstone using MRI tomography
G. Ersland, M.A. Fernø, A. Graue, B.A. Baldwin, J. Stevens. Complementary imaging of oil recovery mechanisms in fractured reservoirs
T. Saito, K. Sakakibara, Y. Miyamoto, M. Yamada. A study of surfactant effects on the liquid-phase motion around a zigzagging-ascent bubble using a recursive cross-correlation PIV
Quak Foo Lee, Chad P.J. Bennington. Liquor flow in a model kraft batch digester
X. Xiong, Z. Zhang, S. Liu, J. Lei. Wavelet enhanced visualization of solids distribution in the top of a CFB
Adam Kowalski, John Davidson, Mark Flanagan, Trevor York. Electrical resistance tomography for characterisation of physical stability in liquid compositions
Sang-Hun Lee, Congna Li, Albert J. Heber, Cheng Zheng. Ethylene removal using biotrickling filters: Part I. Experimental description
Sang-hun Lee, Albert. J. Heber. Ethylene removal using biotrickling filters: part II. Parameter estimation and mathematical simulation
Syed Asfaq Nabi, Mu. Naushad. A new electron exchange material Ti(IV) iodovanadate: Synthesis, characterization and analytical applications
Yinghui Liu, Lin Guo, Lili Zhu, Xiaoqi Sun, Ji Chen. Removal of Cr(III, VI) by quaternary ammonium and quaternary phosphonium ionic liquids functionalized silica materials
Chi Kyu Ahn, Seung Han Woo, Jong Moon Park. Selective adsorption of phenanthrene in nonionic–anionic surfactant mixtures using activated carbon
M. Gomez, M.D. Murcia, N. Christofi, E. Gomez, J.L. Gomez. Photodegradation of 4-chlorophenol using XeBr, KrCl and Cl2 barrier-discharge excilamps: A comparative study
Tzong-Horng Liou. Development of mesoporous structure and high adsorption capacity of biomass-based activated carbon by phosphoric acid and zinc chloride activation
Renato F. Dantas, Otidene Rossiter, Allan Kardec Ribeiro Teixeira, Anderson S.M. Simões, Valdinete Lins da Silva. Direct UV photolysis of propranolol and metronidazole in aqueous solution
Yi Li, Fu-Shen Zhang. Catalytic oxidation of Methyl Orange by an amorphous FeOOH catalyst developed from a high iron-containing fly ash
Petra Kralik, Hrvoje Kusic, Natalija Koprivanac, Ana Loncaric Bozic. Degradation of chlorinated hydrocarbons by UV/H2O2: The application of experimental design and kinetic modeling approach
W. Hajjaji, C. Zanelli, M.P. Seabra, M. Dondi, J.A. Labrincha. Cr-doped titanite pigment based on industrial rejects
M. Ahmaruzzaman, S. Laxmi Gayatri. Batch adsorption of 4-nitrophenol by acid activated jute stick char: Equilibrium, kinetic and thermodynamic studies
Y.F. Rao, W. Chu. Linuron decomposition in aqueous semiconductor suspension under visible light irradiation with and without H2O2
M. Helen Kalavathy, Lima Rose Miranda. Moringa oleifera
Mustafa Tuzen, Ahmet Sarı. Biosorption of selenium from aqueous solution by green algae (Cladophora hutchinsiae
Yannick Fayolle, Sylvie Gillot, Arnaud Cockx, Laetitia Bensimhon, Michel Roustan, Alain Heduit. In situ
Dominique Richard, Maria de Lourdes Delgado Núñez, Daniel Schweich. Adsorption of complex phenolic compounds on active charcoal: Breakthrough curves
Wang Hangzhou, Chen Bingzhen, He Xiaorong, Zhao Jinsong, Qiu Tong. Modeling, simulation and analysis of the liquid-phase catalytic oxidation of toluene
M. Noelia Barroso, Manuel F. Gomez, Luis A. Arrúa, M. Cristina Abello. CoZnAl catalysts for ethanol steam reforming reaction
M.N. Kashid, A. Gupta, A. Renken, L. Kiwi-Minsker. Numbering-up and mass transfer studies of liquid–liquid two-phase microstructured reactors
Anton A. Kiss, Costin S. Bildea, Johan Grievink. Dynamic modeling and process optimization of an industrial sulfuric acid plant
Li-Shan Hsieh, Umesh Kumar, Jeffery C.S. Wu. Continuous production of biodiesel in a packed-bed reactor using shell-core structural Ca(C3H7O3)2/CaCO3 catalyst
K. Ganesh Palappan, P.S.T. Sai. Studies on segregation of binary mixture of solids in a continuous fast-fluidized bed. Part IV. Total solids holdup, axial solids holdup and axial solids concentration
Eugen Magyari. Exact analytical solutions of diffusion reaction in spherical porous catalyst
Ming-Liang Chen, Feng-Sheng Wang. Optimal trade-off design of integrated fermentation processes for ethanol production using genetically engineered yeast
Yang Liu, Guohui Li. Numerical prediction of particle dispersions in downer under different gravity environments
Vinayak S. Sutkar, Parag R. Gogate, Levente Csoka. Theoretical prediction of cavitational activity distribution in sonochemical reactors
Vinayak S. Sutkar, Parag R. Gogate. Mapping of cavitational activity in high frequency sonochemical reactor
Shakhawat Hossain, Mubashshir A. Ansari, Afzal Husain, Kwang-Yong Kim. Analysis and optimization of a micromixer with a modified Tesla structure
Dilip Thakre, Sneha Jagtap, Nikita Sakhare, Nitin Labhsetwar, Siddharth Meshram, Sadhana Rayalu. Chitosan based mesoporous Ti-Al binary metal oxide supported beads for defluoridation of water
Hermicenda Pérez, Paloma Navarro, Mario Montes. Deposition of SBA-15 layers on Fecralloy monoliths by washcoating
Ernesto Brunet, Hussein M.H. Alhendawi, Carlos Cerro, María José de la Mata, Olga Juanes, Juan Carlos Rodríguez-Ubis. Easy γ-to-α transformation of zirconium phosphate/polyphenylphosphonate salts: Porosity and hydrogen physisorption
W.S. Chiu, P.S. Khiew, M. Cloke, D. Isa, T.K. Tan, S. Radiman, R. Abd-Shukor, M.A. Abd. Hamid, N.M. Huang, H.N. Lim, C.H. Chia. Photocatalytic study of two-dimensional ZnO nanopellets in the decomposition of methylene blue
Mathew Peter, N.S. Binulal, S.V. Nair, N. Selvamurugan, H. Tamura, R. Jayakumar. Novel biodegradable chitosan-gelatin/nano-bioactive glass ceramic composite scaffolds for alveolar bone tissue engineering
W. Widiyastuti, Darmawan Hidayat, Agus Purwanto, Ferry Iskandar, Kikuo Okuyama. Particle dynamics simulation of nanoparticle formation in a flame reactor using a polydispersed submicron-sized solid precursor
H. Muhamad, H. Doan, A. Lohi. Batch and continuous fixed-bed column biosorption of Cd2+ and Cu2+
Dianbo Dong, Peijun Li, Xiaojun Li, Chengbin Xu, Dawei Gong, Yinqiu Zhang, Qing Zhao, Peng Li. Photocatalytic degradation of phenanthrene and pyrene on soil surfaces in the presence of nanometer rutile TiO2 under UV-irradiation
H.R. Mortaheb, M. Mafi, B. Mokhtarani, A. Sharifi, M. Mirzaei, N. Khodapanah, F. Ghaemmaghami. Experimental kinetic analysis of ethylene absorption in ionic liquid [Bmim]NO3 with dissolved AgNO3 by a semi-continuous process
Vinod Kumar Konaganti, Ramanjaneyulu Kota, Satish Patil, Giridhar Madras. Adsorption of anionic dyes on chitosan grafted poly(alkyl methacrylate)s
S. Sitshebo, A. Tsolakis, K. Theinnoi, J. Rodríguez-Fernández, P. Leung. Improving the low temperature NOx
Kewen Tang, Litao Song, Yongbing Liu, Yang Pan, Xinyu Jiang. Separation of flurbiprofen enantiomers by biphasic recognition chiral extraction
Saepurahman, M.A. Abdullah, F.K. Chong. Dual-effects of adsorption and photodegradation of methylene blue by tungsten-loaded titanium dioxide
Fawen Wu, Zhihong Xu, Zhixiang Wang, Yiqiang Shi, Lei Li, Zhibing Zhang. Membrane-based air separation for catalytic oxidation of isolongifolene
María Dolores Bermejo, Ángel Martín, Joao P.S. Queiroz, Iván Bielsa, Vicente Ríos, María José Cocero. Computational fluid dynamics simulation of a transpiring wall reactor for supercritical water oxidation
Jorge Luis Rodrigues Pantoja Filho, Leandro Takano Sader, Marcia Helena Rissato Zamariolli Damianovic, Eugenio Foresti, Edson Luiz Silva. Performance evaluation of packing materials in the removal of hydrogen sulphide in gas-phase biofilters: Polyurethane foam, sugarcane bagasse, and coconut fibre
G. Alagumuthu, M. Rajan. Equilibrium and kinetics of adsorption of fluoride onto zirconium impregnated cashew nut shell carbon
R. Leyva-Ramos, J. Rivera-Utrilla, N.A. Medellin-Castillo, M. Sanchez-Polo. Kinetic modeling of fluoride adsorption from aqueous solution onto bone char
K. Theinnoi, A. Tsolakis, S. Sitshebo, R.F. Cracknell, R.H. Clark. Fuels combustion effects on a passive mode silver/alumina HC-SCR catalyst activity in reducing NOx
Zümriye Aksu, Sevgi Ertuğrul, Gönül Dönmez. Methylene Blue biosorption by Rhizopus arrhizus
Wee Y. Gan, Donia Friedmann, Rose Amal, Shanqing Zhang, Ken Chiang, Huijun Zhao. A comparative study between photocatalytic and photoelectrocatalytic properties of Pt deposited TiO2 thin films for glucose degradation
Qian Li, Qin-Yan Yue, Yuan Su, Bao-Yu Gao, Hong-Jian Sun. Equilibrium, thermodynamics and process design to minimize adsorbent amount for the adsorption of acid dyes onto cationic polymer-loaded bentonite
Gholamreza Moussavi, Behnam Barikbin, Maryam Mahmoudi. The removal of high concentrations of phenol from saline wastewater using aerobic granular SBR
Diego Ivan Petkowicz, Sibele B.C. Pergher, Carlos Daniel Silva da Silva, Zênis Novais da Rocha, João H.Z. dos Santos. Catalytic photodegradation of dyes by in situ zeolite-supported titania
Rodrigo Serna-Guerrero, Youssef Belmabkhout, Abdelhamid Sayari. Further investigations of CO2 capture using triamine-grafted pore-expanded mesoporous silica
Nor Aishah Saidina Amin, Javaid Akhtar, H.K. Rai. Screening of combined zeolite-ozone system for phenol and COD removal
Benamar Cheknane, Omar Bouras, Michel Baudu, Jean-Philippe Basly, Aicha Cherguielaine. Granular inorgano-organo pillared clays (GIOCs): Preparation by wet granulation, characterization and application to the removal of a Basic dye (BY28) from aqueous solutions
Vipasiri Vimonses, Bo Jin, Christopher W.K. Chow, Chris Saint. Development of a pilot fluidised bed reactor system with a formulated clay-lime mixture for continuous removal of chemical pollutants from wastewater
Baojiao Gao, Yuechao Gao, Yanbin Li. Preparation and chelation adsorption property of composite chelating material poly(amidoxime)/SiO2 towards heavy metal ions
Slimane Merouani, Oualid Hamdaoui, Fethi Saoudi, Mahdi Chiha. Sonochemical degradation of Rhodamine B in aqueous phase: Effects of additives
Jianxiong Guo, Guojun Zhang, Wei Wu, Shulan Ji, Zhenping Qin, Zhongzhou Liu. Dynamically formed inner skin hollow fiber polydimethylsiloxane/polysulfone composite membrane for alcohol permselective pervaporation
Xin Zhang, Yu-man Lin, Xaio-quan Shan, Zu-liang Chen. Degradation of 2,4,6-trinitrotoluene (TNT) from explosive wastewater using nanoscale zero-valent iron
Parag A. Deshpande, Giridhar Madras. Photocatalytic degradation of dyes over combustion-synthesized Ce1−x
Chien-Hwa Yu, Chung-Hsin Wu, Tsung-Han Ho, P.K. Andy Hong. Decolorization of C.I. Reactive Black 5 in UV/TiO2, UV/oxidant and UV/TiO2/oxidant systems: A comparative study
Toni Sulevi Huuha, Tonni Agustiono Kurniawan, Mika E.T. Sillanpää. Removal of silicon from pulping whitewater using integrated treatment of chemical precipitation and evaporation
C. Gérente, Y. Andrès, G. McKay, P. Le Cloirec. Removal of arsenic(V) onto chitosan: From sorption mechanism explanation to dynamic water treatment process
Shengxiao Zhang, Hongyun Niu, Yaqi Cai, Xiaoli Zhao, Yali Shi. Arsenite and arsenate adsorption on coprecipitated bimetal oxide magnetic nanomaterials: MnFe2O4 and CoFe2O4
Zhiwei Wang, Pan Wang, Qiaoying Wang, Zhichao Wu, Qi Zhou, Dianhai Yang. Effective control of membrane fouling by filamentous bacteria in a submerged membrane bioreactor
Changya Chen, Panyue Zhang, Guangming Zeng, Jiuhua Deng, Yu Zhou, Haifeng Lu. Sewage sludge conditioning with coal fly ash modified by sulfuric acid
Markus Schubert, Abhishek Khetan, Marco Jose da Silva, Holger Kryk. Spatially resolved inline measurement of liquid velocity in trickle bed reactors
Hui Wang, Chen Zheng, Feng Li. Biopolymer-induced microstructure-controlled fabrication of Ni-Al layered double hydroxide films
Rajanish N. Tiwari, Jitendra N. Tiwari, Li Chang. The synthesis of diamond films on adamantane-coated Si substrate at low temperature
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