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Buriti Tarcisio. Aquarela - Portuguese For Foreigners. Part 1/2
Publisher: Buriti Inc
Date: 2007
ISBN: 0979613302.
Format / Quality: MP3 / 160kkbs

Part 2/2

Born in Geneva, Switzerland, Tarcisio Buriti was raised in Brazil. In 1992, he moved to Washington, DC, where he taught Portuguese and Brazilian Culture for more than 12 years. His experience and dedication to teaching have given him opportunities to work for the Foreign Service Institute of the Department of State where, for seven years, he instructed Foreign and Civil Service Officers preparing for overseas posting.
He also worked for The Graduate School -USDA, international institutions such as The World Bank and The International Monetary Fund, and many private foreign language institutions located in Washington. Buriti currently works for ICA Language Services, where he is the director of the evening and Saturday program. ICA is one of the largest foreign language schools in D.C. region specializing in language training, testing, materials and test development, translation, and interpretating services. In addition, he has managed his own consulting and publishing company since the first edition in 2007. Buriti earned his bachelor's degree in Architecture at the University of Brasilia, and his MBA at Johns Hopkins University. Buriti has a strong passion for developing Brazilian Portuguese training materials because he loves to share the language, history and culture of Brazil with others. He hopes that throught his book, students can gain insight into the language and traditions of this unique and inspiring country.
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Although this book is not produced by one of the big publishing companies, it is in fact very well written. We used part of it on a course that I took and I really liked it. Two thumbs up.