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Child Dennis. Psychology and the Teacher
8th Edition edition. Continuum, 2007. - 609 p.
ISBN-10: 0826487165
ISBN-13: 978-0826487162
Now in its eighth edition, this text has been a landmark in its field for thirty years. It provides a totally up-to-date introduction to psychology for all teachers. Thoroughly revised, this edition includes new coverage of gender and cultural diversity, behavioural problems, social development and the learning environment, and is more user-friendly than ever before with a new text design, including chapter outlines for easy dipping in and out, and with more emphasis on the concerns of the teacher and practical applications of theory. Professor Child covers all areas of education, from child development to motivation, human difference, special needs education, assessment and classroom management. "Psychology and the Teacher" is specifically designed to meet the requirements of student teachers, as well as those of experienced teachers and educationalists who need to renew their acquaintance with psychology.Parts 1 and 2 are missing
Dennis Child is Emeritus Professor of Educational Psychology at the University of Leeds, UK. He was awarded an OBE for services to deaf people in 1997.
'A formidable compendium of current thinking on a range of issues, including perception, language and thought, intelligence, learning theory - in other words, the stuff all teachers should know about. To have so much knowledge brought together in one place by so lucid a writer is truly impressive. All parts of the book are invaluable. If I were running a training course for teachers, I'd want them all to have a copy.'
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