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International Journal of Polymeric Materials 1992 Vol.17 01-02
Taylor and Francis Inc. — ISSN 0091-4037.

The International Journal of Polymeric Materials provides a forum for the publication of peer-reviewed, English language articles such as reviews, full-length papers, and short communications on all aspects of polymeric materials and techniques for studying the relationship between structure, properties and the understanding of, applied polymer science. The journal is interdisciplinary in nature and plans to include extensive contributions in the area of Biomaterials, Energy Related Polymers, and Polymers for Environmental Applications to address the innovation needs on such current areas.


Performance of Surface Modified Nutshell Flour in HDPE Composites
Debesh Maldas; Bohuslav V. Kokta; John Nizio
Effect of Different Diene Monomers on the Polyblend Systems Consisting of EPDM and EVA
M. K. Ghosh; A. R. Tripathy; C. K. Das
The Deformation of Rigid Gels of One-Step Polyamide Networks and Their Constituent Stiff Segments
Shaul M. Aharoni
Effects of Environmental Stress Cracking Agents on the Failure Mechanisms of Commercial Gas Pipe Resins
J. J. Lear; P. H. Geil
Influence of Stabilizers with Secondary Amine Groups on the Thermal and Thermoxidative Decomposition of Polyepichlorohydrin
P. N. Gribkova; N. K. Vinogradova; S. A. Pavlova; M. Corciovei; Alexandra Ciupitoiu; Floarea Taran
Polyblends of Polyacrylic Rubber and Fluroelastomer
A. R. Tripathy; M. K. Ghosh; C. K. Das
New Stabilizers for Polymers and Low-Molecular Compounds
G. E. Zaikov
What Are Blends and Alloys of Linear Polymers?
Yuri S. Lipatov
Mechanical Properties of Nylon 66/Nickel-Coated-Carbon Fibers Composite
V. Di Liello; E. Martuscelli; G. Ragosta; A. Zihlif
The Evaluation of the Flexural Strength of Cured Epoxy Resins from Heat Capacity Data
Yongping Zhang; J. Cameron
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