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Straightforward Upper-Intermediate. Teacher's Book with Resource Pack DOC MP3 PDF

Straightforward Upper-Intermediate. Teacher s Book with Resource Pack
Bingham Celia, Scrivener Jim.
Publisher: MACMILLAN, 2007.
Format: PDF, DOC, MP3.
Pages: 276.
File size: 60.69 MB.
A new general English course for adults and young adults based on observation of what good teachers do in the classroom. Straightforward is transparent in its structure, pragmatic in its methodology and varied in its content.
The Teacher's Book provides step-by-step notes for each lesson. These include:
short lesson summaries.
answers to all exercises and explanatory language notes.
suggestions for alternative procedures.
suggestions for supplementary activities and extra discussion questions.
advice for different class types (stronger/weaker students, older/younger students, etc. ).
supplementary cultural notes.
ideas for homework and further study.
The Teacher's Book also includes one photocopiable worksheet for each of the 48 lessons (including six songs). These provide further communicative practice of the language from the lesson. Throughout the Teacher's Book, there are Developing Methodology sections.
The two resource CDs contain:
twelve unit tests.
four progress tests.
twelve self-assessment checklists.
recordings of the six songs.
listening material for the tes.
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