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Levanon N., Mozeson E. Radar Signals PDF

Levanon N., Mozeson E. Radar Signals
2004 John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
Basic Relationships: Range–Delay and Velocity–Doppler.
Box 1A: Doppler Effect.
Accuracy, Resolution, and Ambiguity.
Environmental Diagram.
Other Trade-Offs and Penalties in Waveform Design.
Concluding Comments.
Matched Filter.
Complex Representation of Bandpass Signals.
Box 2A: I and Q Components of Narrow Bandpass Signal.
Matched Filter.
Box 2B: Filter Matched to a Baseband Rectangular Pulse.
Matched Filter for a Narrow Bandpass Signal.
Matched-Filter Response to Its Doppler-Shifted Signal.
Ambiguity Function.
Main Properties of the Ambiguity Function.
Proofs of the AF Properties.
nterpretation of Property 4.
Cuts Through the Ambiguity Function.
Additional Volume Distribution Relationships.
Periodic Ambiguity Function.
Box 3A: Variants of the Periodic Ambiguity Function.
Appendix 3A: MATLAB Code for Plotting Ambiguity Functions.
Basic Radar Signals.
Constant-Frequency Pulse.
Linear Frequency-Modulated Pulse.
Range Sidelobe Reduction.
Mismatch Loss.
Coherent Train of Identical Unmodulated Pulses.
Frequency-Modulated Pulse.
Costas Frequency Coding.
Costas Signal Definition and Ambiguity Function.
On the Number of Costas Arrays and Their.
Longer Costas Signals.
Nonlinear Frequency Modulation.
Appendix 5A: MATLAB Code for Welch Construction of.
Costas Arrays.
Phase-Coded Pulse.
Box 6A: Aperiodic Correlation Function of a Phase-Coded Pulse.
Box 6B: Properties of the Cross-Correlation Function of a.
Phase Code.
Barker Codes.
Minimum Peak Sidelobe Codes.
Nested Codes.
Polyphase Barker Codes.
Chirplike Phase Codes.
Frank Code.
Box 6C: Perfectness of the Frank Code 117.
P1, P2, and Px Codes 118.
Zadoff–Chu Code 122.
Box 6D: Perfectness of the Zadoff–Chu Code 124.
Box 6E: Rotational Invariance of the Zadoff–Chu Code.
Aperiodic ACF Magnitude 125.
P3, P4, and Golomb Polyphase Codes 126.
Phase Codes Based on a Nonlinear FM Pulse 128.
Asymptotically Perfect Codes 132.
Golomb’s Codes with Ideal Periodic Correlation 134.
Box 6F: Deriving the Perfect Golomb Biphase Code 135.
Box 6G: Deriving the Golomb Two-Valued Code with Ideal.
Periodic Cross-Correlation 136.
patov Code 137.
Optimal Filters for Sidelobe Suppression 140.
Huffman Code 142.
Bandwidth Considerations in Phase-Coded Signals 145.
Concluding Comments 155.
Appendix 6A: Galois Fields 156.
Appendix 6B: Quadriphase Barker 13 158.
Appendix 6C: Gaussian-Windowed Sinc 159.
Problems 160.
References 164.
Coherent Train of LFM Pulses 168.
Coherent Train of Identical LFM Pulses 169.
Filters Matched to Higher Doppler Shifts 173.
nterpulse Weighting 176.
ntra- and Interpulse Weighting 179.
Analytic Expressions of the Delay–Doppler Response of an.
LFM Pulse Train with Intra- and Interpulse Weighting 180.
Ambiguity Function of N LFM Pulses 181.
Delay–Doppler Response of a Mismatched Receiver 182.
Adding Intrapulse Weighting 183.
Examples 185.
Problems 189.
References 190.
Diverse PRI Pulse Trains 191.
ntroduction to MTI Radar 191.
Single Canceler 192.
Double Canceler 193.
Blind Speed and Staggered PRF for an MTI Radar 195.
Staggered-PRF Concept 195.
Actual Frequency Response of Staggered-PRF MTI.
Radar 199.
MTI Radar Performance Analysis 202.
Box 8A: Improvement Factor Introduced through the.
Autocorrelation Function 204.
Box 8B: Optimal MTI Weights 206.
Diversifying the PRI on a Dwell-to-Dwell Basis 210.
Single-PRF Pulse Train Blind Zones and Ambiguities 210.
Solving Range–Doppler Ambiguities 212.
Selection of Medium-PRF Sets 214.
Box 8C: Binary Integration 220.
Problems 222.
References 225.
Coherent Train of Diverse Pulses 226.
Diversity for Recurrent Lobes Reduction 226.
Diversity for Bandwidth Increase: Stepped Frequency 228.
Ambiguity Function of a Stepped-Frequency Train.
of LFM Pulses 229.
Stepped-Frequency Train of Unmodulated Pulses 231.
Stretch-Processing a Stepped-Frequency Train of.
Unmodulated Pulses 236.
Stepped-Frequency Train of LFM Pulses 245.
Train of Complementary Pulses 262.
Box 9A: Operations That Yield Equivalent Complementary.
Sets 265.
Generating Complementary Sets Using Recursion 266.
Complementary Sets Generated Using the PONS.
Construction 267.
Complementary Sets Based on an Orthogonal Matrix 269.
Train of Subcomplementary Pulses 270.
Train of Orthogonal Pulses 273.
Box 9B: Autocorrelation Function of Orthogonal-Coded.
Pulse Trains 274.
Orthogonal-Coded LFM Pulse Train 277.
Orthogonal-Coded LFM–LFM Pulse Train 279.
Orthogonal-Coded LFM–NLFM Pulse Train 281.
Frequency Spectra of Orthogonal-Coded Pulse Trains 284.
Appendix 9A: Generating a Numerical Stepped-Frequency.
Train of LFM Pulses 284.
Problems 286.
References 291.
Continuous-Wave Signals 294.
Revisiting the Periodic Ambiguity Function 295.
PAF of Ideal Phase-Coded Signals 297.
Doppler Sidelobe Reduction Using Weight Windows 301.
Creating a Shifted Response in Doppler and Delay 305.
Frequency-Modulated CW Signals 306.
Sawtooth Modulation 309.
Sinusoidal Modulation 311.
Triangular Modulation 315.
Mixer Implementation of an FM CW Radar Receiver 318.
Appendix 10A: Test for Ideal PACF 323.
Problems 324.
References 326.
Multicarrier Phase-Coded Signals 327.
Box 11A: Orthogonal Frequency-Division Multiplexing 330.
Multicarrier Phase-Coded Signals with Low PMEPR 332.
PMEPR of an IS MCPC Signal 333.
Box 11B: Closed-Form Multicarrier Bit Phasing with Low.
PMEPR 335.
PMEPR of an MCPC Signal Based on COCS of a.
CLS 339.
Single MCPC Pulse 341.
dentical Sequence 342.
MCPC Pulse Based on COCS of a CLS 345.
CW (Periodic) Multicarrier Signal 350.
Train of Diverse Multicarrier Pulses 358.
CS MCPC Diverse Pulse Train 358.
COCS of a CLS MCPC Diverse Pulse Train 360.
MOCS MCPC Pulse Train 361.
Frequency Spectra of MCPC Diverse Pulse Trains 364.
Summary 365.
Problems 367.
References 372.
Appendix: Advanced MATLAB Programs 373.
A.1 Ambiguity Function Plot with a GUI 373.
A.2 Creating Complex Signals for Use with ambfn.
m or.
m 390.
A.3 Cross-Ambiguity Function Plot 394.
A.4 Generating a CW Periodic Signal with Weighting on Receive 400.
ndex 403.
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