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Wing E. Autodesk Revit Architecture 2014: No Experience Required PDF

Wing E. Autodesk Revit Architecture 2014: No Experience Required
Autodesk Official Press/Sybex, 2013. — 984 p. На англ. языке.

Learn Revit Architecture with an engaging, real-world continuous step-by-step tutorial.

This Autodesk Official Press book helps you become proficient with Autodesk’s popular building information modeling software using an innovative continuous tutorial. It covers each phase of designing, documenting, and presenting a four-story office building, a real-world project you might expect to encounter on the job. Concise explanations, focused examples, step-by-step instructions, and an engaging hands-on tutorial make this Autodesk Official Press guide the perfect way to learn Revit Architecture.

Expert author Eric Wing, first introduces the interface and Revit conventions and then moves directly into building modeling. You’ll learn to place walls, doors, and windows, work with structural grids, beams, and foundations; add text and dimensions, and use dimensions as a design tool. As the building takes shape, you’ll discover how to generate construction documentation, create schedules, consider site issues, and use Revit’s rendering capabilities.

Shows you how to work on a real-world design from start to finish
Helps you to understand industry best practices and quickly become proficient with the user interface
Explains how to effectively plan and create walls, doors, window, floors, and ceilings
Details ways to create professional stairs and railings
Walks you through using Revit’s powerful dimensions, families, worksets, worksharing, and phase management features vEncourages you to show off your design with beautifully lit, fully rendered 3D scenes

Autodesk Revit Architecture: No Experience Required features downloadable tutorial files so you can jump in at any exercise. It’s the perfect resource for learning this essential BIM software.

Table of Contents:
The Autodesk Revit World.
Creating a Model.
Creating Views.
Working with the Autodesk Revit Tools.
Dimensioning and Annotating.
Structural Items.
Ceilings and Interiors.
Stairs, Ramps, and Railings.
Schedules and Tags.
Creating Specif ic Views and Match Lines.
Creating Sheets and Printing.
Creating Rooms and Area Plans.
Advanced Wall Topics.
Creating Families.
Site and Topography.
Rendering and Presentation.
Impor ting and Coordinating Models.
Phasing and Design Options.
Project Collaboration.
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