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Gilbert M. The Routledge Atlas of the First World War
London and New York, 2003. - 106 p.

Second edition

The idea of teaching history by a series of maps was new to me until Martin Gilbert’s historical atlas of British history had come my way. I was at once intensely interested and later studied those of other countries and nations which he published. Such visual pictures of historical facts cannot fail to be of real value to students in schools and universities; they would look through a window, as it were, at the subject before getting down to a detailed study—which is, of course, essential.
My own study of history has proved to me, a soldier, that the verdict of war has been, time and again, a deciding factor in the process of historical change—though, of course, not the only one. But it has always been the arbiter when other methods of reaching agreement have failed.
This atlas of the 1914–18 war is therefore of particular interest to me, since I led my platoon of some 30 men into battle against the German army in August 1914, and remained on the western front in Europe until the war ended. It was an honour when my friend Martin Gilbert asked me to write an introduction to this atlas.
I look forward eagerly to his atlas of the 1939–45 war in which I fought on the battlefields of Africa and Europe—but by then being somewhat more senior in rank than in 1914.
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